About My Story

“It’s the journey, not the destination!”

When I first started writing my story in November 2012, my mom’s health was deteriorating rapidly. She always wanted me to write a book about my ski career, yet in the same breath she would say, “But then again you never read a book!”

Being dyslexic and growing up not knowing how to read and process words made me focus more on what I could do… SPORTS! I was very athletic, but my passion was skiing which began in Aspen in 1955.

Without an athletic program in high school, I wouldn’t have made it. I barely graduated, wasn’t smart enough to get into college, and my choices were the Vietnam War, or take a chance and pursue a ski career. I chose the latter!

After two years’ internship in California, failing my draft physical, receiving full Certification status and careful consideration, I moved to Aspen permanently in 1970.

Choosing a career in skiing presents a problem, unless you are willing to follow winter. I wasn’t! I had to use all the resources I had in the winter to survive the summers.

This story is a resume of my journey to do just that. Ski, live, work and play in Aspen, Colorado.

My career in Aspen spanned four plus decades. I feel blessed to have watched this little mining town evolve from, “Dogs, Dirt and Dope” in the Seventies; to “Sex, Drugs and Rock & Roll” in the eighties and nineties; to today’s real estate Mecca, which introduced, “The Rich, the Rude and the Greedy”. Changes are inevitable, whether it’s technology, money, power or politics. But the one thing you can’t change is the free spirited attitude and the beauty of this valley which will keep attracting people forever.

I hope you enjoy reading my story as much as I enjoyed living it.

If a put a little extra jam on the bread, so be it, it’s my story.

© Copyright 2016– Skiing is my Passion