Book Review from Tom Fitzpatrick

Skiing is my Passion is a captivating read for anyone who has ever followed their passion, or wished to. I couldn’t put it down, once I started reading. Tommy has nailed the essence of the life of a “ski bum”, when it was a true and honorable adventure of pursuing the calling of one’s heart.  It still is.

It is not just about skiing as a lifestyle, but of exploring the many opportunities to experience life to the fullest.

Skiing is one of the most exhilarating sports that one can indulge in, and draws people together from diverse backgrounds and adventures, in a camaraderie that leads to other unusual and exciting explorations beyond the slopes.

Written in the easy style that Tommy personifies, this book is an insight to finding a passion to live, and the quality relationships that come with the package. There are struggles as well, as any passion has a price to pay.

Tommy has navigated his journey well, and told his story in a way that you won’t soon forget. It will resonate with your deepest yearnings, and inspire you to follow your dreams.

Tom Fitzpatrick
February 2016

Book Review from Tiger Lifer

“When you finish reading Tommy’s book,Skiing is my Passion, you’ll realize his passion doesn’t end with skiing, but continues with instructor, diver, inventor, friends, helping others and much more.
The title of the book could have been ‘Life is my Passion.'”

Tiger Lifer
February 2016

Book Review from Kim McNerney

“My first response to Skiing is my Passion, A Memoir by Tommy Waltner, was noting the strikingly authentic voice and tone.  This in itself is an achievement.  This memoir is full of the genuine, real and captivating – various sojourns into some globe trotting, dedication to a number of athletic disciplines, forays into entrepreneur endeavors, testimonials to people along the way and giving back/playing it forward.  Too, it follows Waltner’s  ups and downs, struggling with the consequences of some choices – that embarking on a path of self-correction, his success striving and his resurfacing with a beautiful appreciation of the wonders of life and friendship.  Those of you who may know Waltner may know what you are in for – I didn’t meet Waltner until 2006-7.  I was in for a big and wonderful surprise.  It was a blast reading your story Tommy. BRAVO, BRAVO!”

Kim McNerney
December 2015

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