The Book

From cover to cover or just a page in-between, Tommy Waltner’s memoir “Skiing is my Passion” is a blast. Explore his story of a lifestyle of glamour and celebrity in a Colorado’s playground town of Aspen, but still in touch with you and me. Hear about his passion to ski, live, work and play.

“Tommy, once again you’ve proved that you are the best teacher on the mountain.”

Your Buddy EdAward Winning Journalist, CBS/60 Minutes

“When we went to Aspen we always looked forward to skiing with Tomy Waltner. He’s an excellent ski instructor and we really like hanging out with him.”

Joe Kittinger

“Meeting Tommy Waltner in 1986 changed my life. Not only did he teach me to ski he shared the most adventerous time of my life. His companionship and friendship became the fabric of our family in Aspen and around the world. We laughed, we cried, we challenged and we didn’t die. I smile from my soul every time I think of our adventures together. Thank you Tommy for being a true friend. You Rock!”

George McKerrowCEO Ted’s Montana Grill

“Tommy’s a beautiful skier with a great smile once I could get the chewing tobacco out of his mouth! I’ll never let him live it down, ha ha!”

John RussellSports Photographer
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